Software Engineer / Cloud Architect



I build a lot of frontend components to perform different functionalities. You will usually find me working with React, Vue and occasionally Angular to build out Fe Components



I also build backend APIs which serve data to my frontend components. I usually enjoy building APIs with Node.js and occassionally Ruby



I'm also actively involved in making sure the applications developed are secure and serving the end users properly. I am a certified AWS solutions Architect Associate. Which I decided to become after 2 years of actively building out architectures and infrastructures on AWS

About Me

I'm a highly focused Software Engineer with over 7 years of experience building scalable, fast and highly available applications. After my years of working in the industry I have come to value good communication and understanding between team members the most, because nothing really interesting is ever built alone.

I have had the opportunity to work for several companies and businesses around the world to help develop complex software applications and solutions

Currently, I am an Independent Contractor and I have just recently worked on a React library for building frontend web applications which now gets about 2000+ monthly downloads on and NPM and have been used to build 450+ public projects

I previously worked as a Senior full stack developer for Evidencity which is a global due diligence and compliance company in the US. Where I helped build the V3 of the web application which handles many of the day to day activities with agents all over the world."

I also worked as a Senior Software Engineer Contractor for Razu where I built tools and interfaces to help connect musicians and producers. To enable them share data in the cloud and collaborate on various projects

I have also previously worked as a contractor for companies like 9spokes where I built tools to help connect the platform to services like quickbooks, sage and zendesk"

I also once worked with Blueridge.Ai. Where I worked on a suite of tools and reports to help them analyse, understand and make decisions using the data available on the platform


Javascript (ES6, ES2017)


Ruby on rails


AWS Services such as EC2, S3, Lambda, ECS etc.,
CI/CD (Codepipeline, Codebuild)
Digital Ocean


React Native/Expo
Java (Android)

Some Projects I have worked on

Have a look at some of my Noteworthy Projects.

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